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Why it’s Important to Know Mental Health History for Family Therapy in Colorado Spring

February 13, 2019
Mental health issues, like chronic diseases, can be inherited. This is why it is important that you know your family’s mental health history.

When you see any doctor, you are often asked a series of questions relating to your family’s history. This is standard procedure that provides health care professionals with vital information for diagnosis. This is especially true when you meet an expert for family therapy in Colorado Spring. Your knowledge of your family’s mental health history is vital in these circumstances.

The importance of knowing your family mental health history

Knowing your family’s mental health history is important

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer can run in families. But the same also holds true for psychiatric disorders. New research studies have revealed that there is a strong genetic link in psychiatric conditions like anxiety disorders, depression, etc. Knowing that these mental health problems can be passed on from one generation to another is alarming. You need to discuss them when you work with Colorado family behavioral health services.

Here are some of the reasons why knowledge of your family’s mental health history is important:

  • Knowing your family’s mental health history will enable you to take precautionary measures. Just like chronic illnesses, the sooner you get started on preventing them, the better. If you and anyone else in the family are at risk, you can take action immediately. Early intervention is crucial in combating mental health problems.
  • Knowing your family’s mental health history will also provide your therapist insight into the appropriate course of treatment. Many families are still unaware of the need to bring up mental health issues. This has resulted in many health issues left unaddressed or untreated. You have to change this course of the conversation and be more open about it in the family.
  • Aside from identifying a course of treatment for your mental health issues, you can also look at lifestyle factors. When you know there is a risk of developing certain mental health problems, you can change your diet or lifestyle choices. These factors can significantly impact your level of risk of developing inheritable mental health problems.
  • Staying informed about your family’s health history is important not just for mental health awareness. It is important so you cannot pass it on to your own children and for future generations.

Best family therapy in Colorado Spring

Benefits of family mental health services

Mental health is as important as taking care of your family’s physical health. At Family Care Center, we give you access to professionals offering family mental health services in Colorado. We offer a wide range of services such as TMS, dialectical behavioral therapy, play therapy, and counseling. We also provide services specially designed for veterans and their families.

Family Care Center was founded due to the lack of specialized services available to veterans and their families. Since its founding, FCC has become the leading family mental health clinic Colorado Springs company. If you are interested to learn more about mental health services for families, call us at (719) 540-2100. Feel free to email us at to schedule a new appointment. You can read up on valuable resources on our blog to get informed about mental health issues in the family.

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