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Medication Management 101: Things You Need to Know About Family Behavioral Health Services

August 21, 2019
Medication is a crucial part of any treatment. When you work for a family concerning their behavioral health services, proper management of medication is important.

Polypharmacy is the practice of taking multiple medicines for different conditions at once. It is very common, especially among our aged loved ones as doctors prescribe them with multiple medications. Once advised, it has to be done following the prescription.

Studies show that this sort of “norm” of taking multiple medications simultaneously can pose potential health hazards for seniors. If you have concerns about this, it is important to consult with family behavioral health services Colorado Springs company.

Tips for Proper Medication Management

Tips to properly manage your medication. (Image Source: Pexels)

Side-effects, drug interactions, and over-medication are serious concerns. Your body metabolizes drugs differently as you age. Proper knowledge before taking any medication is something that ensures your treatment and safety.

If you know someone, especially a senior, whom you think is in danger of this practice, then you should know about medication management tips to avoid serious health risks.

Always ask your provider for the right dosage

One of the most common mistakes in taking medication among seniors is taking drugs incorrectly and taking less or more than what is prescribed. The older you get, the more sensitive you become from certain drugs, and less sensitive to others.

Also, certain individuals can experience adverse side effects. It is extremely important to always check with your provider for the age-specific dosage. Some physicians suggest to start with a lower dosage and tapering upwards as they introduce the drug to their body. Organizers, pill dispensers, and reminders do help.

Show your medication list to the doctor

If possible, show the actual drugs to the doctor or pharmacist. Herbal supplements and over-the-counter drugs must be included as well.

The more things you know about these medications, the better. These professionals can tell you the interactions and side-effects of these medications.

Keep a medication list

List down all the medications your senior family is taking. Make sure to include all brand names and their generic names. The prescription should include the dosage and frequency of intake. This can help minimize the risk of polypharmacy.

Take note of medications considered unsafe

As mentioned earlier, older bodies metabolize drugs differently. The American Geriatric Society has released the Beers Criteria which compiles potentially inappropriate medications for older individuals.

It includes a list of medications and drugs that seniors should avoid or at least use with caution. This also incorporates interactions of each drug component and its side effects to a specific body part or function.

For example, the commonly prescribed sedative like diazepam (Valium) of benzodiazepine category must be avoided by adults sensitive to this drug. If you want to ensure that your senior loved one is taking the right medication, the first resolution is to ask your pharmacist.

Monitor your senior loved one’s cognitive behavior

This must be taken seriously if your senior loved one shows signs of confusion after taking the medication. Also, if they were previously diagnosed with cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Hence, make sure to never allow them to take their prescribed medications themselves. As much as possible, manage their medications and have a reminder system to track their medications daily.

Get Help from Family Behavioral Health Services Colorado Springs Company

Try out medication management at the Family Care Center. (Image Source: Pexels)

Do you have concerns about medication management for you or a member of your family? At Family Care Center, you will be in good hands as we are known as the premier Colorado family behavioral health services available. Medication management is one of our areas of expertise.

We understand that while medicines have their benefits, they can also be risky when not used properly. If you would like to learn about our other expertise, you can learn more about the team behind Family Care Center here.

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