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Learn to Combat Teen Substance Abuse Through Education and Military Dependents Behavioral Health Services in Colorado

June 05, 2019
Substance abuse is very common among teens. Prevention starts in the family and military dependents behavioral health services in Colorado can help.

Substance abuse is a common problem among teens, what with them being highly vulnerable to peer pressure. The need to be accepted by their peers is the root of the problem.

For many military families, a lot of teens suffer from substance abuse due to the stress and mental anxiety that comes with a deployed loved one. This is why there are military dependents behavioral health services in Colorado that are willing to help families cope with such issues.

Talk It Out: How to Fight Substance Abuse in Teens

Prevention is better than cure – there is a reason why this adage is popular because it is true. When you notice signs of substance abuse (or the possibility of it), make sure you take action right away.

Young and impressionable teens are susceptible to substance abuse. (Image Source: rawpixel - Pexels)

  • Look out for early warning signs of substance abuse. These include changes in appetite, lack of sleep, withdrawal from family and society, any physical changes, unfamiliar smells, and more.

As a parent who knows your child more than anyone, you will be able to tell if there is something different in the way they act or speak. Once you have your suspicions, be on the lookout for those behavioral changes.

Then, find a way to confirm or dispel your suspicions. Don’t be that parent who is in a state of denial. The sooner you detect the signs, the sooner you can stop your child from being involved in substance abuse.

  • Always spend time to talk to your kids, especially the teens. When you are depressed because of the deployment of your spouse or loved one, it is easy to focus on yourself alone. But your children are more vulnerable to stress and anxiety. Make sure you consider their mental health, too, and look after their welfare. Communicate often with them.

  • Encourage your children to be honest. Make them feel like they can confide in you about anything. Do not be angry at them if they confess their blunders. You can use this opportunity instead to educate them about their choices and the possible consequences.

  • Stay involved with your kids. Always keep an eye out on their activities, especially outside of your home. Communicate with them regularly. Keep them distracted from the temptations of substance abuse.

The #1 Military Dependents Behavioral Health Services in Colorado

Happy teens don’t drugs or alcohol. They live life well. (Image Source: minanfotos - Pixabay)

Coping with the deployment of a loved one is already a challenge in itself. But facing the possibility of a teenager suffering from substance abuse is more devastating.

Before this happens, make sure you visit military dependents behavioral health services in Colorado. There are experts who can help families cope with the challenges of having a loved one deployed overseas.

Family Care Center Can Help

We are a behavioral health service facility that provides more than just emotional support. We address a variety of mental health issues, especially those affected by military deployment.

Substance abuse is very common, especially among teens, because this is their way to cope with stress and anxiety. You can check out our blog to find more helpful resources so you know how to help your family.

We also offer a variety of counseling services, including family counseling, to address issues within the family. Since the Family Care Center was established in 2016, we have become the leading provider of behavioral and mental health services in Colorado Springs. To find out more about how we can help you protect your teens from the evils of substance abuse, call us at (719) 540-2102.

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