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How Do Mental Health Issues in Parents Affect Children?

September 04, 2019
What happens to children when parents suffer from mental health issues? Use these tips to learn more about how to remedy mental health problems in the family.

Living with mental health issues is never easy. But when it is the parent who is suffering from such a problem, it poses a unique challenge. Even when a child does not suffer abuse from their parents, there is still the possibility that the child could inherit the condition or be affected by it. Is this fear warranted? It is important to seek the opinion of experts from a military veterans behavioral health services Colorado Springs company so you can get the help you need.

Mental Health Issues’ Impact on Children

A parent’s mental condition can greatly affect the development of a child (Image Source: Pexels)

There is a serious concern for children who are raised by parents with mental health issues. According to this study, 53% of cases of child neglect or abuse stem from parental mental health problems. It is important to raise awareness about this issue so that children can be properly cared for. It is also important to consult experts on behavioral health services for families in Colorado Springs company to make sure that it is handled properly.

Below are some essential pieces of information that you need to know regarding this matter:

  • Children raised by parents with mental health problems are at risk. The parent might not be able to provide the care that the child deserves. It is natural for children to crave love and attention, but when this isn’t given as it should be, it can also affect their development. It is your role as a parent to nurture and care for your child. The best remedy for this is to seek the help of a professional. Acknowledging that you need help is a huge first step in order to avoid neglecting your kids.
  • Nourish relationships within the family. Being a parent with mental health issues does not mean you are a bad parent. Focus on nurturing the relationship that you have with your loved ones. In turn, they can provide support as you go through a comprehensive treatment plan so you can address your struggles.
  • Have courage to face up to the elements that are triggering your mental health problem. It is also important to educate children about the issues of mental health. Make sure to provide age-appropriate information only to avoid spreading unnecessary fear or misconceptions.

Get Help from Military Veterans Behavioral Health Services Colorado Springs Company

How do mental health issues in parents affect children? (Image Source: Pexels)

If you are worried about the impact of parental mental health problems on children, talk to one of our experts at Family Care Center. We can provide family counseling to help cope with the challenges of living in a home affected by mental health issues. As one of the top providers of Colorado family behavioral health services, we can help address the problem so that your family can lead a normal life.

We also provide a wide range of behavioral health therapy for military veterans Colorado has today. Among the other services that we offer are veteran services, TMS, and medication management. You can educate yourself about the risks and dangers of mental health problems on our blog. If you would like to try the services of the best military veterans behavioral health services Colorado springs company, call us at (719) 540-2100. You can also email us your questions at

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